Hydrating & Conditioning Trio (Save 20%)

Hydrating & Conditioning Trio (Save 20%)


Managing and maintaining vibrant, healthy gray hair just got easier with La Belle Femme's new 3 Step Regimen.Keep gray hair bold and vibrant in color while maintaining soft, moisturized, curly hair- WITH NO PURPLE DYES.

Our 3 Step regimen is designed to pre-treat, cleanse and condition hair so that brilliant gray hair can be restored and maintained.  Our rich emollient blend of Jojoba, Sweet Almond and Vitamin E is specially formulated to give mature hair the the moisture it needs.  

Sulfate, Paraben and DEA Free.

The Clarifying Pre-Treatment provides the necessary cleansing ingredients to remove dirt and dulling agents that lead to discoloration on gray hair - without the use of harsh purple dyes.  

The Gray Hydration Shampoo is formulated to specifically for gray (and tinted) hair to provide both moisture and color balance.

The Gray Enhancing Conditioner is the final step in our regimen.  The leave-in or rinse-out conditioner normalizes hair's pH and seals the cuticle while imparting intense moisture and shine to enhance the vibrancy of gray (or tinted hair).

Each bottle is 10 oz.

Made in USA

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